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Sunflower Field & U-Pick

Open 3 days this weekend.

Sat & Sun & Memorial Day Monday

May 25 -27.

Please read the notes below. Welcome!

Coastal Ridge Farm, Picayune, MS



Sunflower Field & U-Pick

Open 3 days 

Memorial Day weekend.

Sat, Sun, Monday.

May 25 - 27.

10am - sunset

$10 Admission required. Includes: looking at the flowers, taking photos, and cutting one (1) bucket of flowers. Bring your own clippers & bucket !!

Last Call for sunflowers & zinnias.

Frost predicted for next week. 

Open: Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sat.  9am - 4pm

Must text/call first.  601-918-3770 

Picayune, Mississippi 

 (north Hancock county)

The sunflowers are enjoying today's warm sunshine.


One bucket of flowers per $10 paid admission.

No animals, music, or drones.

Drive slowly - many pedestrians.

Be respectful - Do Not break or pull out plants.

Cash only.


Old shoes, long pants, and socks.

Sun protection & drinking water.


bypass pruners & bucket.

Watch out for fire ant mounds.


Rustic/rough farm conditions.

We do not accept complaints about:

weeds, tall weeds, ants, thorny weeds, pot holes, or any other act of nature.

The season is almost over.


General Admissio​n:   

 $10 ages 12 and up **

(baby - age 11  Free with paid adult)

** $10 admission includes: viewing the flowers, photo ops, cutting ONE bucket of flowers.

(Sunflowers & misc other flowers. Bring a clean bucket & clippers)  

Cash Only   No Pets.

Admission required.

Important Facts:

This is a working farm, not a manicured park. The ground is rough and uneven. It is not wheelchair accessible. Plenty of walking. Bring a folding lawn chair if you need to rest. Wear sturdy closed-toe shoes. We do not spray for insects/ants. Restroom.

 NO pets.

Recommended for ages 8 and up. No children's activities available.

Bring:  gloves, bypass pruner, 

sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, water, camera.

Bring a water tight container to take your flowers home. 

We have great sunflowers and other beautiful flowers. We look forward to your visit. 

Come and see what a sunflower farm is like, and pick a bunch of flowers. 

Snap some great photos of you and your friends. 

Days & Hours:

Scheduled days only.   May-June  &  Sept - Oct.   

Sat.  10:00 am  -  sunset

Sun.  10:00 am  -  sunset

Memorial Day Monday  10:00 am - sunset

Check Facebook or Instagram before coming if the weather looks bad!

CASH ONLY - our Internet signal is Not dependable enough to process cards.


27075 Road 221 

Picayune MS   


Located in north Hancock county, Mississippi.     Road 221 is off of Caesar Necaise Road.   (North of 603/53 junction )


From Waveland & Bay St. Louis:  Go north on Hwy 603. Left on Hwy 43 for about 8.5 miles. Right on Leetown Rd. At the stop sign turn right on Caesar Necaise Rd for about 1/2 mile. Right on Road 221. If you come to White Cypress Lakes you've gone too far.

From Gulfport area:  Hwy 49 north to Lyman. Left on 53 for about 20 miles, left on 603 for 1 mile. Right on Caesar Necaise Rd (car wash) for 6 miles. Left on Road 221.  If you come to New Bethel Church you missed Road 221.

From Slidell: I-59 north to Mississippi. Exit 4 (Picayune/Kiln). Right on Hwy 43. Get into the left lane for about 1 mile. Left on Caesar Road (by the portable buildings). Right at the Dollar Store onto West Union/Caesar Necaise Road for about 5 miles. Right on Road 221. If you come to White Cypress Lakes, you missed Road 221.

 From Hattiesburg area:  I-59 south to Exit 10 (Carriere), left onto West Union Rd for about 8 miles. Right on Road 221.

If you come to White Cypress Lakes you've gone too far.

From Picayune:  Hwy 43 south past Walmart. Left on Caesar Rd (by the portable buildings). Right on West Union Rd (Dollar Store) for about 5 miles. Right on Road 221. If you come to White Cypress Lakes you've gone too far.

From I-10: Exit 20 (Delisle). Go north onto Kiln Delisle Rd. Go right onto Hwy 603 (at Dolly's gas station & Ward's). Go left 

 onto Hwy 43. Go right onto Leetown/Old Kiln Rd. Go right onto Caesar Necaise Rd (at the stoplight). Go right onto Road 221. If you come to White Cypress Lakes, you have passed Road 221.

How to pick sunflowers

Select your flower. Choose the length of the stem that you want. Longer is better! You can always trim it shorter, but you can't make it longer! About 24" is good, but cut as long as you like.

Strip off the lowest  the leaves.  Drop the leaves in the field. Put your sunflower stems in a bucket of clean water.

Available at both U-Picks. May/June & Sept/Oct.

How to pick zinnias

Fully open or nearly so is best for zinnias. Immature ones will never make it. Look for the little yellow florets around the center.  3 or 4 yellow florets is great, and so is a full ring of them.

Next, give it the gentle "wiggle test". Give it a gentle wiggle under the "neck". Does it seem fairly stiff at the neck of the flower?  If it is still floppy, it will never get any better. You want the stiff ones. 

Reach down the stem as far as the next "connection" to the main stem. Cut here!!  Do not cut the whole plant. Cut each one individually.

Available at the Sept/Oct U-Pick.

How to pick brainflowers        (cockscomb celosia)

Cut anything with a stiff enough stem. The most immature stems will be too floppy to hold up. Strip some of the leaves from the lower stem and drop them in the field.

These are old-timey open pollinated flowers. They make seeds! All over the place! Any shiny little black things dropping off your flowers are seeds. Yes, they will grow!

Available at the Sept/Oct U-Pick.

  Our Farming Philosophy

Here at Coastal Ridge Farm we believe in sustainable farming and living. We want to leave the earth better than we found it. Healthy crops and healthy soil are important to us, so we work to nourish our soil with cover crops, green manure, micro nutrients, composted chicken litter, and natural microbes.

All those flower leaves you are stripping off will compost into the soil. When all these flowers are gone, the remaining stalks and weeds will all be plowed under into the soil to provide composted nutrients for the next crop.

Those tall sunflower stalks provide a lot of "green manure". They also have a very deep tap root which has been scavenging nutrients from way deep (up to 5') in the soil. That nutrition is now in the green plant that is growing above the ground in these fields. When we chop up the stalks and plow them into the soil, it puts those deep nutrients back into the top layer of soil where it will be available for the next crop.

Come visit us this year.

We're looking forward to seeing you. Find a few more helpful tips on the About page. There will be helpful suggestions to make your visit fun. Hope to see you soon. 

Email:   [email protected]

We're a small family farm and we'd love to share our flowers with you. 

Contact us to learn more!