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Sunflower Field & U-Pick

Closed for 2019 (10/23).

Coastal Ridge Farm

Picayune, MS


Check Facebook before coming !!

We reserve the right to close if:

We run out of Flowers.

We run out of Parking.

The weather gets dangerous.

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Why do I have to pay just to look?

Because it costs us many $$$ to plant and maintain these sunflower fields, for your looking pleasure.

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Can I pay with a card?

No, our Internet service is not dependable enough to process cards. This is the "boondocks".

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We do Not spray pesticides. 

We are bee friendly.

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Weather controls all ! Rain, no rain, cold, hot; it all plays into the flower schedule. These factors can easily throw off the expected schedule by 2 or 3 weeks!

Solution: Be flexible. Get them while they're on.

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Pro Tip:

If you cut Red or Plum (dark) sunflowers, they will benefit greatly from Flower Food. 

Flower Food packets 4/$1

 The classic gold ones don't need it.